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Dibble Tree Building, 1d Ferrier Street, Carnoustie, Angus, DD7 7EE

This property for rent ‘as is’ …

Former Gents: £18 Per Week

Former Ladies: £23 Per Week

Whole Building: £35 Per Week

Text or Telephone: 0757 276 8795


Area 1 – Front Premise: £18 Per Week

Formerly The Gents.

Suitable for use as a dog grooming salon or similar enterprise (subject to planning permission), even just as a simple storage unit…

Front Premises – Area 1 – £18 Per Week

A rent free period will be provided to allow for tenant to refurbish this part of the building. For example, removing the WC toilets and stall dividers, then and dry lining/tanking the room for a fresh use.

Rental of this unit, Area 1 (shaded light green) also includes use of the Washroom and WC facility as per the cream coloured area on this plan drawing…

Plan for guidance only, please do not scale.


Area 2 – Side Premise: £23 Per Week

Formerly The Ladies.

Suitable for use as an office or small business facility (subject to planning permission).

Coloured light blue on the plan drawing pictured above.

The side premises has a pleasant outlook across a grassed area towards the famous local Carnoustie landmark, the Dibble Tree.

The Dibble Tree – Carnoustie Landmark.



The building for rent has mains electricity and plumbing. There is also use of the Washroom and WC facility (shaded cream on the plan drawing above), exclusively by the tenants of the two parts of this building. 


Interior – Former Ladies WC Area

Requires toilets removing and walls dry lining and tanking.

The previous use of this building was as a public convenience. The new tenant will need to remove the old toilets etc., and tank/dry line the interior in order to make it fit for purpose. An enhanced RENT FREE period will be provided to help the new tenant arrange the premise interior to suit their needs.

Rental of this unit, Area 2 (shaded light blue) also includes use of the Washroom and WC facility as per the cream coloured area on this plan drawing.


Future Use

The current owners purchased the Carnoustie WC property in 2017. Prior to this, they have bought, refurbished and re-opened 24 closed buildings since 1999. Normally old, closed shops, empty hotels, defunct light industrial units. During the past 18 years, over 100 jobs have been created. In this 25th purchase, the challenge of what some might regard as a problematic property – an old public convenience – is to find a meaningful use. The question of what can be done with an old public convenience is a curious one.

Some folk have turned them into very successful cafes. The pressures for commercial space in London are very high, and this underground cafe transformed from the previous incarnation as old cludgie has a touch of marketing genius about it (here). Articles have appears in the national media (click here).

During 2017 our group of friends had decided to buy the empty and unloved little building in Ferrier Street, Carnoustie. Partly because of the very nice outlook over the Dibble Tree and grassed area, and also for the challenge in finding a new use for this property. Also the location near to the Carnoustie Golf Course and sea front is very attractive.

Then a lightbulb eureka moment. A friend was getting her dog groomed and we thought this former convenience would make an excellent pet pampering place…

Old Carnoustie Loo To Pet Pleasing Place?

Use as a dog grooming salon his is of course just a suggestion. The Ladies section in particular would lend itself to use as an office or given the close proximity to the Golf Course, possibly a golf shop facility of some sort.

The new tenant can have either a rent free period in order to dry line and refurbish the interior to their needs and taste.

Or we can arrange for the rooms to be tanked/dry lined and freshly plastered so that they are physically separated from the previous use by a damp proof membrane and new interior walls. If we arrange this, then the rent will be a little higher to reflect the modest cost of this work.

More psychological, to insulate occupants from the thought of what was the earlier use! Although such squeamishness doesn’t seem to have affected discerning diners at underground cafes in London!

The local authority have been very helpful and given some pre-planning advice for the Carnoustie Dibble Tree Building…



This detached building is located just a five minute walk directly along Ferrier Street towards the seafront and world famous Carnoustie Golf Course.



Prospective purchasers will need to satisfy themselves as to the internal floorspace and measurements. To help, as a very approximate guidance, we have the general dimensions as:-

Front Premises Area 1 – Maximum: 12’1″ x 15′ 6″

Side Premises Area 2 – Maximum: 12’1″ x 11’6″

Washroom & WC Facility – Maximum:  6’0″ x 6’4″

Please note, these are the maximum dimensions – the actual usable floorspace is less than a straight multiplier of width times length due to the internal wall layout.


Offers To Rent

If you would like to see inside the building,  and make an offer to rent part or all of the premises, please feel free to get in touch…

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Text or Telephone: 0757 276 8795